By-Elections: A Chance To Challenge The FF-FF Alliance

Next week, a writ will be moved in the Dail for four by-elections which will probably take place at the end of November. The constituencies concerned are Dublin Mid West. Wexford, Fingal, and Cork North Central.

People Before Profit has nominated Kellie Sweeney to contest Dublin Mid-West. Kellie is a registered nurse who founded the Plastic Free Lucan Initiative and is a seasoned campaigner.

A selection meeting will also be held in the Coach House in Gorey next Tuesday November 5th to select a candidate for the Wexford constituency.

In Cork North Central, People Before Profit will be supporting the Solidarity candidate Cllr. Fiona Ryan.

The bye elections present an opportunity to inflict a major blow to the Fine Gael-Fianna Fail alliance which is running this country.

One in three of their TDS are landlords and this helps to explain why they have let the housing crisis get out of hand. Rents have reached crazy levels and many young people will never own their own home. If we don’t bring change, they will be stuck in a high rent trap forever.  Thousands also languish on waiting list for years on end – because there are so few social houses.

The by elections give us an opportunity to strike back against this uncaring establishment.

The true colours of the FG-FF alliance were evident in the last budget. They used the excuse of Brexit and climate change to impose a carbon tax and refused to raise the minimum wage. But at the same time, they offered extra money to highly paid company executives. Under the Special Assignee Relief Programme, those who earn over €75,000 a year can see their taxes cut by 30%. These can even claim tax relief for sending their children to private schools.

People Before Profit will be offering a radical alternative to challenge the FG-FF alliance. We want to make Apple pay us the €14 billion we are owed. Our aim is to fund proper public services to allow people escape from rip-off Ireland where we are fleeced for creche fees, car insurance, bus fares, hospital charges etc.

Elections provide a brilliant opportunity to present alternative policies that can guarantee housing and a decent standard of living for all.

We are appealing to all supporters to help us make a big impact in these bye elections. You can do so in a number of ways:

  • Come to our mass canvasses in the constituencies. On Saturday November 16th, we are meeting outside the Penny Hill pub in Lucan in Dublin Mid West at 2pm. Training will be provided to newcomers before they set off and they will be accompanied by more experienced canvasser. A similar mass canvass will be organised for the same date in Wexford – details to be announced.
  • Branches from across Dublin will be going to Dublin Mid-West on most evening from now to the election. If you want to join them at any time, please text CANVASS to 087 283 9964 and we will phone you back with details.
  • Donate: Elections, unfortunately cost money and FF and FG will be throwing tens of thousands at it, in the hope of marginalising other voices. People Before Profit has limited funds -and has no big business backers. Once again, we are appealing to you therefore to help .

How tp Donate

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