Anger over removal of bus service in Lucan

There is anger among local residents in the Dodsborough and Hillcrest area of Lucan about the loss of bus services under the updated BusConnects plan.

There are significant changes to both the 25 and the 25A bus which service Dodsborough and Hillcrest respectively.

In Dodsborough there will only be a bus to the city centre during peak time hours leaving elderly residents having to walk to Lucan village or change bus at Liffey Valley. At Hillcrest the 25A will no longer terminate at the Supervalu but will turn up towards Adamstown.

Local People Before Profit representative Kellie Sweeney is urging local residents to make submissions before the deadline on the 3rd December.

Kellie Sweeney, the People Before Profit representative for Lucan commented: “Many residents in the area feel like their services are being taken away in favour of the new developments in Adamstown. They recently lost the post office in Dodsborough and now the bus service is being removed.

“I live in Hillcrest and I know many residents who will struggle to walk to Lucan Village for the bus. I will be making a submission to the BusConnects public consultation and I’m urging residents to do the same.

“We need an urgent increase in funding for public transport and other public services in the area. The new residents in Adamstown and Clonburris need to have access to services but we also need to protect the services for existing residents. This requires an intervention by the government to provide these necessary services.”