Stand Up To Racism And The Far Right – Join The Protest Dec 14th 1pm Dail Eireann

“No blacks, no dogs, no Irish!” read the signs in Britain in the 1970s.

The history of Ireland as a victim of Empire meant Irish workers were often the target of racism in Britain.

But because of that it was hard for nasty far right groups to grow in Ireland – the working people of Ireland have always shown an instinctive solidarity to other oppressed peoples around the world.

That’s why we were known as a place of a ‘thousand welcomes’, a reputation we should fight to keep.

There is a nasty hard racist minority who want to change that.

The extremist Catholic far right, after losing the Repeal referendum, have begun targeting migrants and asylum seekers.

These people will use concern about local services to stir up racist sentiment against poor people who are forced to live in horrible direct provision centres.

They will try to blame immigration for a housing crisis that was created by the bank bailout, NAMA, developers, vultures and right-wing establishment politicians – who refuse to build public housing.

There are 200,000 empty properties in this country and we are owed €19 billion by Apple alone. There is no reason why we can’t house everyone.

They will incite hatred and encourage acts of violence against people of colour – just look at what happened in Finglas this month when a racist drove his car into a father waiting at a school.

This nasty minority are being encouraged by establishment politicians who use dog whistle politics to get media attention and votes.

People Before Profit want to unite all workers and poor people in the fight for a decent society for all. That’s why we’re supporting the big anti-racist protest called for Dec 14th.

The protest will see dozens of community, union, left and faith groups uniting to stand against racism and hate. Join the protest 1pm Sat Dec 14th Dáil Eireann.