Gino Kenny criticizes Irish Water over water quality at Leixlip plant

Gino Kenny TD has criticized Irish Water for failing to communicate information about issues at the Leixlip plant. It was recently revealed that Irish Water was aware of problems with filters at the plant six years ago.

However, when elected representatives have contacted Irish Water regarding water quality they have been consistently dismissed and told that the water is up to standard.

Gino Kenny commented:

“When I was marching alongside local people against water charges in 2014 we were also opposing the set-up of Irish Water.
We argued at the time that another unelected body would only serve to take the water supply infrastructure system out of the control of elected representatives.

It’s now absolutely clear that Irish Water is not accountable to anyone and should be abolished, with water services returned to local authorities.

“The problems at the Leixlip plant, which is still serving parts of the Lucan area, are the result of years of under-investment in water infrastructure.

Millions of Euros were squandered on water meter installation which should have been spent on upgrading failing infrastructure.”