Waste service provider criticised for increase in recycling charges

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny made the comments following the revelation that Thornton’s are increasing their green bin charges by 50 cents to €1.75 per lift. This comes after a recent increase last September of 25 cents. The recycling bin was free up until 2018 when charges were originally introduced.

Gino Kenny commented: “We need people to recycle more and use their green bin rather than sending more waste to landfill. Increasing charges for recycling will ultimately lead to less recycling and more burning of recyclable materials.

“This is the result of the privatisation of waste management, something we campaigned vigorously against. Private companies will always be looking to make profits rather than regarding waste management as a vital public service.

“I have contacted Thornton’s to query this increase and am still waiting for a detailed reply in relation to the increases.

“The bin services need to be re-nationalised and brought back to the county councils. Only by doing that can we seriously increase recycling, reduce illegal dumping and give workers in the sector decent pay and conditions”