Gino Kenny calls for more youth services in Lucan

“With a population boom in the area, local services are struggling to keep pace with youth needs”

Lucan and its surrounding areas have been pinpointed by planners for almost 20 years to help accommodate a growing population.

South Dublin County Council has long considered Lucan to be a key development area. It was mentioned in the National Spatial Strategy back in 2002 and earmarked for future planning as a metropolitan consolidation town. Planners identified it as a key location for accommodating Dublin’s population growth.

Gino Kenny, the People Before Profit candidate in the forthcoming General Election said:

“The 2016 census revealed that 272,370 people live in SDCC with an expected growth of 32,500 by next year. With the huge growth in the number of young people in the area, existing services are finding it difficult to keep pace with youth needs.

“Poor planning and poor infrastructure is a recipe for disaster. While Lucan is a great place to live for so many, the youth in the area are being failed by the lack of investment in services that would help them grow and develop to reach their fullest potential.

“While organisations such as Crosscare do their best to keep up with growing demand, many constituents are deeply concerned and have highlighted to me that young people in the area are being increasingly forgotten about in the provision of local services.

“I share their concern and believe that if the incoming Government do not invest significantly in the youth of Lucan, they will continue to fail the people of this area. If re-elected, I will do all in my power to fight for this vital investment in our young people,” said Gino Kenny.