Stop the FF/FG Stitch Up – Real Change Now!

Join us!

March 7th, 1pm, Parnell Square
#StopTheStitchUp #RealChangeNow #March7th

This election was a political earthquake. We made history by voting in overwhelming numbers to break the cycle of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil rule. The two parties that have dominated Irish politics in the interests of landlords, tax dodging corporations and the rich, have been beaten back, taking an historically low 43% of the vote. People are fed up of scandals, fed up of crises and fed up of struggling to get by.

A majority, for the first time in the history of the state voted for change.

We won’t have it! We want to see a government of change which could deliver:

Homes for all
A free, National Health Service that treats people according to medical need
Pension Age back to 65
Free, national childcare scheme
Make the minimum wage a living wage
Radical climate action: keep it in the ground and a just transition
Free public education for all
End Tax Haven Ireland: make corporations and the rich pay their fair share

We want you to march with us to stop the stitch up and demand real change! Dare Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil to defy us!

Supported by:
Homeless Action Ireland, Dublin Renters Union, Dublin South West Housing Action, Dublin North West Housing Action, Cut The Rent TCD, Trinity College Students’ Union, United Against Racism, Extinction Rebellion Ireland, Save Leitrim, Ireland’s Future (Farmers), Building Workers: Know Your Rights, Retired Semi State Staff Association, CE Supervisors group (Dublin), Bríd Smith TD, Joan Collins TD, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Gino Kenny TD, Mick Barry TD, Thomas Pringle TD, Catherine Connolly TD, Paul Murphy TD, People Before Profit, RISE, Solidarity, Independents For Change