Demo To Push For A Left Wing Government

Hundreds of people joined a demonstration on Saturday March 7th to oppose any stitch up between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael to form a new government.

Their latest trick is to try to use the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to get back to running the country.

However, People Before Profit believe that a left-wing minority government should be formed. This could take immediate action to bring real change.

The march was the first in a series of protests that will challenge any attempt of FF and FG to take over the country.

Speaking at the demonstration, Bríd Smith, People Before Profit TD said, “Change isn’t about parliamentary arithmetic, [but] if that’s the way it turns out we will have to respect that inside the parliament, but we don’t have to respect it out here on the streets or in our work place and in our communities.

“Remember this, real change comes from below. Slavery was not legislated against, it was fought against by the slaves and the people surrounding them.

“Women did not get the vote because some nice men delivered it down to them, women fought for the vote.

“The water charges were not abolished by the Dáil because the majority of the Dáil wanted it. The majority wanted the water charges, but the people got on the streets in their hundreds of thousands repeatedly and got the water charges abolished.”

“The Eighth amendment would still be in our Constitution because the majority of those in the Dáil are in favour of the Eighth amendment. But the women of Ireland, in particular the young people of Ireland, got on the streets and launched a massive campaign to force an end to that regressive amendment against women.

“Real change does come from below.”