Medicinal cannabis licence holders to have prescriptions collected and delivered to them during Covid-19 pandemic

Gino Kenny TD welcomes development and hopes for the earliest commencement of the Medical Cannabis Access Programme

The Minister for Health Simon Harris today announced that medicinal cannabis licence holders will have their prescriptions collected and delivered to their home by courier.

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny said: “I have contacted the Minister and highlighted this issue on many occasions since the Covid-19 crisis began and I welcome the move to collect and deliver prescriptions to patients who are particularly vulnerable to the virus.

“It made no sense to expect people to travel to obtain medicinal cannabis during a time when travelling has been greatly curtailed and the advice to those at increased risk of contracting or spreading the virus is to stay at home. I outlined this to the Minister and welcome this latest development to collect and deliver medicinal cannabis to licence holders.

“I still have concerns that this is only a temporary measure given the public health emergency. In order to avail of this new service, licence holders who are not being reimbursed have to pay up front for a three-month prescription and this cost is prohibitive. I would ask that the Minister show compassion for these particularly vulnerable people and that the State pays for licence holders’ medicine.

“I also urge the Minister to commence the long-awaited Medical Cannabis Access Programme as soon as possible for all those who are desperately waiting to be included in the programme,” added the Dublin Mid-West TD.”