Make Noise On May Day

May Day in Istanbul
  • Make Noise On May Day
  • Support Our Frontline Workers
  • Demand a Living Wage of €15 an hour
  • Demand the Right to Join a Union

From Derry to Dublin make some noise and hang out a red flag for workers’ rights.

People Before Profit is calling for a full support for the call from the call of Derry Trades Council to make  ‘Five Minutes of Noise for Workers Rights’ at 6pm on Friday May 1st

The Covid-19 crisis has put a spotlight on the crucial role essential workers play in keeping us safe and allowing our society to function. Many of the workers now described as ‘key’ and ‘essential’ earn low pay and have seen their terms and conditions eroded in recent years. Many have been forced to strike for basic rights.

Many of their employers oppose trade union representation.

Workers make the world go round. It’s never been clearer why all workers must have the right to trade union representation and to a living wage.

We say demand a Living Wage of €15. Demand the right to join a union.

May 1st is International Workers Day. Red is the colour of the labour and trade union movement.

  • On May 1st  at 6pm make noise with whistles, instruments, pots and pans and hands.
  • Hang a Red Flag for workers’ rights from the window of your house or workplace for 24 hours. Use a red pillow case, red sheet or scarf – whatever you have!
  • Make signs and posters with a message supporting our frontline workers and workers’ rights.