PBP supports the Debenhams workers and call for government intervention

Debenham workers on strike (source Irish Times)

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said: “The treatment of the Debenhams workers is utterly unacceptable. The company is still operating in this country north and south and in the UK but just throws workers with decades of service on to the scrap heap.

“The government can’t wash their hands of this, they are shareholders in Debenhams through their shareholding in Bank of Ireland. The government must intervene to ensure just treatment for these loyal workers. The case of the Debenhams workers is also a test case for how many hundreds of thousands of workers currently affected by job and income losses as a result of Covid 19 may be treated. Its in the interest of all workers to support the Debenhams workers in the fight for justice.

Bríd Smith TD said: “Debenhams are using the Covid crisis as a cover for a smash and grab on workers’ rights. Many of their workers have given years and years of service and made profits for the company. The company can’t be allowed to walk away from their responsibility. Just like the Cleary’s debacle, this shows again that our Government and laws do very little to protect workers’ rights- this has to change, and Debenhams is a line in the sand for all workers.”

Gino Kenny TD said: “People Before Profit fully support the Debenhams workers and we are calling on the government, who have a stake in this with their Bank of Ireland shares, to intervene and not allow these workers to just be discarded.”