PBP glad other opposition parties join in call for Leaving Cert cancellation

Image source: Rollingnews.ie

In a statement, TD Gino Kenny has said that he is glad that other opposition parties have joined People Before Profits call to have the Leaving Cert cancelled.

The TD made the call during questions to the Minister for Education on April 23, a debate that was requested by People Before Profit.

He also said that it was shocking that the government had excluded any reference to the Leaving Cert from its Covid 19 Roadmap.

He said: “I am glad other opposition parties have come around to the call that People Before Profit made last week calling for the Leaving Cert to be cancelled. Students are under enough stress during the Covid 19 crisis without having to second guess the government about the date of the exam.

“We have called for a system of certification to be installed where marks would be allocated based on the past performance of the student. What is really unbelievable, and shocking is that the government make no mention of the Leaving Cert in their Roadmap document.”