We Bailed Out Banks- We Can Keep The €350 Covid-19 Payment

We could pay the €350 Covid-19 payment for SIX years and that would still only equal what was paid in bank bailout.

These are the startling facts which the mainstream media does not report.

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are getting ready to cut the €350 payment. Their tactic is simple – pick an exceptional case and say we cannot subsidise people who don’t need it.

‘What about the student who worked part time and is now back at home with their rich parents’ house’ scream the media mouthpieces of the establishment.

They don’t say that tens of thousands of precarious workers are not getting the €350 payment because they were not working on a specific date.

The reality is that the €350 payment is a basic lifeline for nearly 580,000 people.

The bosses want to cut the €350 payment to conscript people back into an ultra-low pay economy. The Supermacs owner, Pat McDonagh, gave the game away when he said, ‘Why would part-timers come back to work for €200, when they can get €350.’

We need to organise to keep the payment – and we need to start now.