New Government told “those forgotten by the last administration will haunt new one”

People before Profit TDs promise to hold coalition to account for workers rights, homelessness, renters and the elderly and sick.

The new Government will face “the ghosts of past failures” in the new Dail according to Brid  Smith TD. Speaking after the Dail heard from the new Taoiseach and Ministers she stated that “when the spin and lofty rhetoric are cleared away, the reality is those failed by past Governments haven’t gone away.”

“People before Profit will be bringing those who have been failed by Fianna Fail and Fine Gael parties into the new Dail every day, the homeless and the workers left behind, the elderly and pensioners abandoned. We will defend their rights and hold the new Govt to account” she said.

In the Dail she highlighted the plight of Debenhams workers and many thousands of others facing job losses and pay cuts.

Deputy Gino Kenny told the Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney that he will push to have the occupied territories bill brought before the new Dail, that lobbying by Israel and the Ministers opposition would not stop the campaign for justice for Palestine, which he called one of the great moral campaigns of the 21st Century.

Brid Smith ended by saying she would wish to congratulate the Greens on one success; she said Eamon Ryan had succeeded in reintroducing wolves, “the austerity wolves of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have been reintroduced back into government”