Gino Kenny TD has called for the resignation of EU Commissioner Phil Hogan

People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny has called for the resignation of EU Commissioner Phil Hogan, Supreme Court Judge Seamus Woulfe, the Independent TD Noel Grealish and the other elected representatives who attended the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner, breaching the Covid-19 restrictions.

He said: “Following this shocking breach of the very restrictions that these people have instigated in order to reduce Covid-19 infections each of the public representatives, the EU Commissioner Phil Hogan and Judge Wolfe must tender their resignations.

“Whilst so many people in this country have diligently abided by the restrictions from the government and have had to miss out on events like funerals and birthdays the political establishment can be seen to be flouting the rules that they themselves have instigated. It shows that the Irish elite think that the rest of us should ‘do as I say- not as I do’.

“What kind of message does actions such as this from elected representatives, a Supreme Court Judge and an EU Commissioner say to the healthcare and frontline workers who have risked their lives to keep our country going during this pandemic? What does it say to the public?

“They must all resign immediately.”