And he’s out!

Trump is out! Great news for anyone who hopes to live one day in an equal world, free of sexism, racism, and intolerance.

But the fight for a better world is far from won. And the change we need will not come from within the walls of the White House, or within the walls of any House of Parliament under the current system.

For real change to happen, we need a mass movement that forces radical change onto the agenda.

Joe Biden is no knight in shining armour, come to the rescue of humanity, as he is being depicted by some commentators.

Even within his own Democratic Party, he represents a particularly conservative strand, with a record of voting against progressive bills and policies, as well as shamefully authoring a 1994 Crime Bill that contributed to the mass incarceration of Black and brown Americans in the 1990s.

So not so progressive.

But what of the popular narrative that Biden is the only candidate that could have beaten Trump, and that Americans are simply “too conservative” to elect a president like Bernie Sanders?

Well why then did more radical Democratic candidates get elected in very competitive states?

The re-election of “the squad” (Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley) as well as the election of Cori Bush, a progressive community leader and veteran Black Lives Matter activist, gives the lie to the myth that there is an inherent conservatism in American DNA.

Evidently, the American people WILL respond to policies that will bring a material improvement to their lives.

In Florida, a state that Joe Biden LOST, they voted for raising the minimum wage to $15. There is an appetite for change but Biden clearly couldn’t convince the people of Florida that he was a meaningful alternative to the status quo.

Unfortunately, it seems likely that the Democrats will use this as an opportunity to try and wipe out the left-wing influences within the party.

For Biden’s part, we can expect him to go along with business as usual, enabling Wall Street, the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, and refusing to bring in free healthcare and the other system changes that are so desperately needed.

This in turn will fuel the dissatisfaction and alienation in large swathes of the US, which allowed someone like Trump to find an audience in the first place.

The next election could see the rise of a worse version of Trump. We may well see a very real fascist movement, especially as Trump himself tries to whip his supporters into a frenzy and encourages violence.

So whilst we celebrate the electoral defeat of Trump, the battle is far from won.

The only hope for winning the world we want will come from the ground up, through organizing, striking, and protesting.

The struggle continues.