Government must press EU Commission to drop opposition to People’s Vaccine at crucial WTO meeting this week

Davy senior executives should face criminal prosecution

People Before Profit will be calling on the government to press the EU Commission this week to drop its opposition to the proposal of a People’s Vaccine and the relaxation of intellectual property rights.

The party’s representative on the Oireachtas Health Committee, Gino Kenny TD, said: “We will be calling on the government this week to put pressure on the EU Commission to withdraw their opposition to a proposal by India and South Africa at the W.T.O to relax intellectual property rights around vaccine production.

“This pandemic is a global problem which needs a global solution. If developing nations do not have the ability to vaccinate their populations then we run the risk of different variants arising. This has the very real potential to extend the pandemic- which would be a disaster for people all across the world, economies and the mental and physical health of the world.”

Speaking on the Davy scandal, Paul Murphy TD, said: “The Davy’s scandal has once again exposed the seedy culture within high finance. Although senior executives have now resigned from positions in Davy’s, as ‘The Currency’ has revealed, they retain power at the higher levels of the group’s ownership structure. They should be cleared out entirely and should face criminal prosecution. Davy’s future as a private operation is clearly now in question, with the threat of an exodus of clients after the NTMA’s decision to withdraw their authority to act as primary dealer of Irish government bonds. It should be brought into democratic public ownership and operated as a public utility.”