Major Ethical Concerns Over Vaccine “Passport” For Hospitality

Health of young workers being put at risk

People Before Profit spokesperson to vote against waiving of pre-legislative scrutiny

In a statement this morning, People Before Profit has said that there are major ethical concerns over the proposed vaccine “passport” to reopen indoor dining. The new plan which would see only those vaccinated, and their children, being allowed into pubs and restaurants puts the health of the unvaccinated hospitality workers at risk.

People Before Profit Health Spokesperson, Gino Kenny, voted against the waiving of pre legislative scrutiny at the Health Committee at 12.30 today.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said: “For the government to try to rush through this legislation without the necessary scrutiny is not acceptable. We have major concerns about workers in the hospitality sector, the majority of whom will not be fully vaccinated. The government need to give this legislation the proper oversight and we will be calling for the Dáil to sit next week if necessary. It is unacceptable that legislation with ethical questions like this, is being rammed through the Dáil with only 175 mins of debate.

“This legislation also raises major ethical concerns about discriminating against people on health or vaccination grounds. It could be seen as a first step on the road to mandatory vaccination. In France the current vaccine pass is being extended and there is now talk about making vaccination mandatory for some cohorts of workers. Best practice in terms of vaccination is to convince people of the necessity of it rather than making it mandatory.”

Paul Murphy TD said: “The proposal to make it mandatory for those visiting a pub or restaurant to be vaccinated while those working in the restaurant will, more often than not, not be vaccinated, puts the health of these, mainly young workers at risk.  Being young does not stop you being infected and what this proposal utterly ignores is the effects Long Covid can have on those that get Covid, even if it is not a severe dose.  Increasingly, research into Long Covid, shows that as many as 25% of those who are infected with Covid will have debilitating symptoms lasting over a year. 

“The focus of the government and HSA officials should be to make all workplaces safer, including ventilation requirements, rather than rushing to open up indoor dining, that only the Vintners Association seem to be clamoring for.”