Cost of Living Protest: 1pm. Saturday 18th June Parnell Square, Dublin

cost_of_living_dail_protestA broad-based Cost of Living Coalition has been launched to mobilise for major demonstrations to demand government action to control prices.

The coalition includes SPARK, Sinn Féin, Ireland Senior Citizens’ Parliament, UCD Students’ Union,  People Before Profit, Dublin Council of Trade Unions, Union of Students in Ireland, National Homeless and Housing Coalition, Access for All Ireland, ESB Retired Staff Association, The Rural Ireland Organisation, UNITE Dublin Area Activist Committee, RTE Retired Staff Association, Socialist Party, Thomas Pringle TD & the Climate Justice Coalition.

The demonstrations come at the right time because prices keep on rising but the government refuses to take serious measures.

It is different for big builders. The government will cover 70% of inflation rated construction costs – just to make sure they keep their big profits.

Why are they helping wealthy builders – and not ordinary people?

They could:

  • Put a maximum unit price on gas, electricity or oil.  Even the right-wing French government limited electricity prices to 4%.
  • Impose rent controls and allow for rent reductions. Average rents in Dublin for new tenancies are now higher than the minimum wage!
  • Stop profiteering. Re-nationalise the energy sector.
  • Set up a state company to retrofit housing – and cut energy costs.

We need higher wages to catch up with the price rises. The minimum wage should also be raised to €15 an hour.

But to win all of this, we need to make a big push.
If you are in a union, demand they put in a pay claim.

Join the big demonstration on the cost of living on Saturday, June 18th starting at 1pm at

The Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, Dublin 1.

The more people on the streets- the more we frighten this government. Remember the water charges- we can do it again.

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