PBP TD Supports Liffey Valley Workers Protesting Against the Imposition of Staff Car Park Charges.

Gino and Maddie at Liffey Valley protest

Retail workers today will stage a protest this afternoon at Liffey Valley Shopping Centre in regards to the introduction of staff car parking charges set to be introduced tomorrow Monday 17th October. Some workers will face up to €600 per year in car parking charges.

Dublin Mid-West TD Gino Kenny who has been supporting the workers said,” I fully support the workers today in protesting against these excess charges. These charges are tantamount to a pay cut and are completely unacceptable especially in the ongoing cost of living crisis. Retail workers are generally not the best paid workers so asking workers to pay to come to work is nonsensible. Liffey Valley management need to renegotiate with retail staff, unions and tenants that this proposal in charging staff €2.50 per day is unworkable.”

What can you do?

1. See the workers’ Facebook page for more information.
2. Sign the workers’ petition organised by Mandate, the retail workers’ trade union, here: https://my.uplift.ie/petitions/scrap-staff-parking-charges-for-liffey-valley-workers?
3. Join your trade union / Ask your trade union to publicise and support the campaign.
4. Write to Hines and tell them to scrap the charges at Liffey Valley.