People Before Profit Statement On Stormont Election

Stormont_election_2022People Before Profit will fight any upcoming election to provide a voice for workers and a socialist alternative to the shambles of Stormont.

The cost-of-living crisis is deepening, exacerbated by the perennial dysfunction of Stormont and the putrid politics of a Tory party in tatters.

Fired by their own hardship, working class people can use the upcoming poll to punish the DUP’s denial of democracy and to tell the Tories and their functionaries here that we’ve had enough.

A society where people must choose between heating or eating is in need of real change. Striking workers, the trade union movement, and people across our communities are leading fight for fair pay, public investment, and radical reforms that can reshape our society. We will use our platform to put the demands of working people at the heart of the political discourse during this election.

While workers have been forced to strike for better pay, MLAs and Ministers have collected their over-inflated wages amidst the DUP’s obstruction of government. The DUP have wilfully ignored the plight of ordinary people to suit their own narrow political agenda. Their attempts to whip up tension over the Protocol is designed to distract from their failure to deliver for people from all sides.

For years, the DUP propped up the Tories as they waged economic war on working-class people across these islands, giving handouts to the rich and impoverishing the rest. Likewise, the Tories have indulged the DUP as they ratcheted-up sectarian tension over the Protocol. We oppose any further concessions to the DUP and reject the narrative that they speak for all Protestant people, people who are being crushed by this cost-of-living crisis.

People Before Profit is out to build a working-class alternative that trumps the sectarian politics of the past and uplifts all communities together. The hypocrites in the DUP have created a political impasse for their own divisive ends. They must be confronted.

We know that a restored Executive will not be a silver bullet to the cost-of-living crisis. Establishment parties at Stormont – who have presided over pay cuts, welfare reforms, price hikes and attacks on the vulnerable – will not provide the alternative people desperately need. It will take popular pressure to force the hand of those in power.

People Before Profit is a voice for real change. Ours is a voice for a new class politics that protects the vulnerable, uplift workers’ wages, and take on the profiteers who are driving wealth inequality.

It is the parties who have compounded this crisis who fear the ballot box. Working-class people who face a winter of freezing homes, rising prices and stagnant wages can make their voices heard. People Before Profit will amplify their demands and provide a vision of a society where workers can win.

People Before Profit is ready for an election. Workers and the trade union movement are ready for their fight. Stormont rule or Westminster rule – we say build the strikes to break them. We say vote socialist.