Beware The Far-Right Roadshow

far_right_roadshowIreland’s tiny far-right are jumping from town to town to stir up a message of hate against refugees. The same individuals turn up time after time pretending to be community representatives.

Their method of operation is simple – spread lies to stoke up fear.

In Drimnagh in Dublin, they organised a protest against refugees using a local school. But this was only a temporary measure over Christmas when the school was closed. On Thursday the school opened normally – as with most other schools in the city.

But the far right put around lies that the refugees were still occupying part of the school. And they spread the usual racist tropes about single men being a danger to children.,

At their protest, speakers called for a march to the principal’s home and denounced the teaching staff.

In doing so they revealed their real agenda – they want to attack the left and Sinn Féin and build up a racist atmosphere that can be used to preserve right-wing rule.

We need to counter their lies and face them down.