About Gino

vote_gino_2016Gino Kenny has lived in Clondalkin since 1979. He first became a political activist in 1994 during the successful Anti Water Charges Campaign in Clondalkin.

Gino was elected to South Dublin County Council in 2009 and subsequently re-elected in May 2014. In the 2011 General Election Gino received 2500 first preference votes and was finally elected in the 2016 General Election with 4629 preference votes.

Since his election he has worked tirelessly on the ground on a whole range of issues ranging that affect people’s everyday lives, from the right to Housing, anti-racism initiatives, building solidarity for Workers’ Rights, campaigning against the Property Tax, and working with the Clondalkin horse owners to find a permanent premises.

He has been at the forefront of the Anti Water-Charges Campaign both locally and nationally and is a founding member of Clondalkin Meter Watch.

Gino Kenny is the only TD in Dublin Mid-West constituency who is advocating a boycott of the water charges.

As a TD in the Dáil he will only accept the average industrial wage.


3 thoughts on “About Gino

  1. Congratulations on your election Gino. Your work and your success is inspirational. Fantastic achievement.

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