Gino Kenny reacts to Noel Dempsey decision to appeal Eirgrid pylon route

Clondalkin People Before Profit activist Gino Kenny has reacted angrily to the news that the Minister for Communications, Noel Dempsey has personally intervened in the controversial Eirgrid proposal to route a 58 KM line of 400 kv electrical pylons in his constituency of Meath and Cavan.

Mr.Kenny who helped to set up the Mast Action campaign in Clondalkin said,” We have lobbied Mary Harney’s office to investigate our claims that there is a very high level of cancer in the North Clondalkin area. We believe that living in close proximity to over head electrical wires and pylons can effect your health” The pressure group in Meath and Cavan are calling on Eirgrid to put the proposed route underground, citing the health effects to the communities it will come into contact with.” Isn’t a bit ironic that here is a serving minister in government, telling Eirgrid to look at the possibility of putting the pylons underground, but when we met Mary Harney last September, the minister didn’t even get back to us on the issue. What does that say about her concern for the health of the people in her own constituency?”

The 400 KV line has faced massive opposition since last year, ” the campaign in Meath and Cavan has been fantastic and we are hoping to link up with the two campaigns in the future. It shows that people power can win on this issue. I know that in Clondalkin, people have always had concerns regarding pylons being so close to their houses. If the people of Meath and Cavan can win, why can’t we.” The Draper report says that, where overhead electrical wires where situated, the chances of childhood leukemia and other cancers rose dramatically. “It’s time for an immediate health survey to be done where these pylons are situated in built up areas like Clondalkin” said Mr. Kenny.

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