Picket Outside Ronanstown Garda Station. Monday 10th November at 7.15 pm

Mastaction Clondalkin and local residents and will be holding a picket outside the Ronanstown Garda Station this Monday at 7.15pm.

Following on from a successful picket last week, residents are highlighting the continuing concerns we are having about the effects of the mobile phone mast in the Garda station and the high tension electrical pylons which run through the Neilstown area.

M.A.C have asked the H.S.E to conduct an investigation into the abnormal amounts of illnesses and cancers which have occurred not only in the Ronanstown area, but the Ronanstown Garda station itself.

We are asking people to come along to voice there concerns, and demand action from the H.S.E to meet the residents of the area.

Email. clondalkinmastaction@yahoo.co.uk

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